Our dream is to have a facility that Furry Friends can call its own. We have taken the first step toward realizing our dream by entering a contract to purchase five acres on North Sparrow Lane in Mt. Vernon. The sale is contingent upon obtaining approval for a Conditional Use of property. 

The building would be approximately 3,840 square feet and constructed on a concrete slab so that the animals could be in any area of the building.  This would provide more visibility for some of our older animals, and provide better socialization and enrichment for all of them.

Floor Plan

The shelter building would provide for 30 private kennel areas, some of which would be isolation and quarantine areasIt would include an indoor area that could be used for play and training, and this same area would also double as an evacuation area for animals in the community in times of an emergency such as a natural disaster.

The dream shelter would have a rest room, a laundry area, a place to bathe dogs, a food prep area, and an area for in-house medical treatment.  There would also be a visitation room where people could get to know the animal that they have chosen to decide if it is the right animal for them.

We would like to have a community resource center where we could provide information to the public as well as an area for group education such as presentations to Girl and Boy Scout troops.  We would also like to have a small office area and be able to incorporate a thrift store, which would help us to be more self sufficient as well.

Currently the shelter only accepts dogs, but we hope eventually be able to have cats available for adoption as well.  That would require a separate facility and additional sources of revenue to enable us to meet State requirements regarding preparing them for adoption, including spay/neuter, FIV and leukemia testing, and vaccinations.


We have thoroughly researched construction costs for the facility that we would like to build, and it turns out that a building to house animals is more expensive than a building to house people!  A rough estimate for a completed building is $40.00 per square foot. Obviously, we still have a long way to go before we are able to build our dream shelter, but our plan is to first purchase a suitable site and then erect the building in stages as funds become available, doing as much of the construction ourselves as possible.

We have come such a long way, but our journey is far from over.


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