Kids Making a Difference!
Our Doggone Best Friends!

The Boo Crew has organized a charity spook walk in the woods for 5 years running. The proceeds of their efforts have been donated to the shelter for the last 3 years. The Boo Crew is comprised of Trevor Flota, Tyler Flota, Clay Jackson, Brandon Kucienski, Hunter Marler, London Marler, Michael Schmidt, Cameron Stewart, Zack Woosley, Wade Xanders and Zane Xanders.

Saige Price (9) collected 4 bags of toys and towels for our shelter pups!

Kailyn Dunn (13), Stefan Neville (13), and Kendall Dunn (14) had a birthday party! Instead of presents, guests were requested to bring pet food. This resulted in 375 pounds of petfood being donated to our shelter!

Not to be outdone by their older siblings, Kelsey Dunn (9) and Khloe Dunn (8) collected 225 pounds of dog food, some yummy doggie treats and some awesome doggie toys for our shelter in lieu of presents at their birthday party!


Such young people making a big difference in the lives of others!
No wonder that they're our
Best Doggone Friends


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